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Metallic diplomas, making of diplomas to order on technology chemical engraving. Making of rewards, cups, marks, souvenirs.Diplomas ENGRAVING, manufacturing of diplomas to order on technology ENGRAVING. High level of quality on not high pricesDiplomas laser for causing of logotypes the method of engraving. Making of diplomas from a metal on an order

That is necessary for sublimation

Naturally that progress is not necessary on seat, and every day we can notice occurrences of new innovative technologies which do our life easier and more diversely. So, for example to tell, in a science to the physicist long known process of sublimation is a transition of substance from a firm condition in gaseous, bypassing transition in a liquid condition. Now this process have properly studied, have mastered and have invented the special equipment by means of which it is allowed to carry out an extensive spectrum of works about which it will be set forth below. For this reason, for sublimation today exists one more definition, sublimation is a way of transfer of a colorful layer from one carrier on another.

The equipment for sublimation refers to termopress, and on other this process refers to still as technology graverton. For sublimation it is necessary to use the special printer, namely jet, well and, certainly, special paints. But also it yet everything, for sublimation the special paper with a special covering which allows passing the sated color to the certain material is necessary.

Plaque for diplomasFor sublimation under force to carry out images of any complexity, both usual texts, and photos. The colorful layer is durably fixed in the top layers of applied materials, therefore the image very long serves, does not grow dull and is not erased.

Termopress for sublimation will consist of two plates – on one the material for sublimation settles down, and other plate is intended for heating. Termopress for sublimation works by a following principle:

1) on a paper for sublimation the necessary image in mirror display is printed and fastens to the chosen object;

2) the plate heats up to the certain temperature (the temperature gets out depending on a material used for sublimation);

3) the object for sublimation settles down on a plate and is covered heated with a plate on a short time interval certain by technological process;

4) the qualitative end-product with the precise image is received.

Metal for sublimationAs material for sublimation with ease the textiles, ceramics and metal will serve. However thus it is necessary to consider, that for sublimation all assortment above the listed materials, and only their separate versions intended for sublimation approaches. We direct an example, the textiles is applied to sublimation fabrics, in some cases also the atlas. Leaving from this, for sublimation it is allowed to use such products as T-shorts, scarves, kerchiefs, tags and many-many other things.

However is better to use for sublimation textiles of white color, or other colors of light shades. Metal for sublimation, also is used special, it is presented in several versions – gold and silver, matte or glossy. Metal for sublimation is an aluminium from a special covering. Metal for sublimation is on sale greater sheets and that it to cut for the necessary sizes the cutting torch on metal is used.

By means of metal for sublimation, well and certainly imaginations and skill are carried out very original diplomas and certificates on metal, front and office tablets, metal overlays, as well as other products. Diplomas and certificates are allowed to be carried out different formats, from А5 up to А3, also for giving of a solid type they are located by it on wooden substrates. 
As to ceramics for sublimation and on it there is a special covering.

Mugs are intended for sublimation, plates, and recently for sublimation is used also a tile. Proceeding from all stated data, it is safely possible to tell, that for sublimation under force to make drawing the image on many products concerning to advertising-souvenir production. If you were interested with the given information, and you for yourselves have decided to master technology graverton our company is ready to provide to you account materials for sublimation.

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