Dear customers, had identified the products you like, you first need to clarify the presence of our managers by phone. If you make a reservation by e-mail, and specify the presence of products in stock. Once you reconcile and confirm the order, we will send you an invoice and its payment is made in two ways, both in cash and by bank transfer.

Payment by bank transfer, made in any bank under the invoice amount in local currency. After full payment, or pre-payment, the order is sent to you by courier service (in this case, delivery is charged separately by the buyer, unless another method has been specified earlier).

Transportation companies, with whom we cooperate


The organization began with the "New Mail" in 2001. For 10 years, the organization offers its customers an affordable, high-quality and convenient service - delivery of cargo and mail throughout Ukraine with technology: Doors, doors, warehouse-storage.




"Gunsel" company is considered to be an innovator and revolutionary in the standard transport services. Organisation for customer service uses the latest model vehicles, which meet the standard requirements of most modern technology.



"Autolux" - a company that for over 14 years of providing quality services in the market for passenger and freight transportation through the territory of Ukraine.


Private enterprise "Night Express" is engaged in regular freight throughout the territory of Ukraine, on the specified routes. Dispatch of goods takes place every day in different cities. Except for the targeted delivery and transit, the load remains at the specified address within 24 hours. The receiver picks up the goods to be stored in the office of "Night Express" at any convenient time


The company carries freight from 5 grams to 5 tons all over Ukraine in the shortest possible time. The high level of service and network of offices in 48 cities of Ukraine guarantees the additional services to each client and high speed delivery. Transportation of goods is carried out for 24-48 hours, more than 400 regional and district centers.


Fast and safe delivery of cargo to all corners of Ukraine. With this company as a cooperating major supermarkets and hypermarkets in Ukraine, industrial organizations and small businesses and individuals. Delivery of goods is carried out under the scheme: Warehouse Storage, Door-Warehouse, Warehouse-door, door-door.