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A wide selection of pendants, charms can be made using various technologies, and have a standard form. Our company carries out production of sticks for different applications. It is also a fairly extensive range of standard (ready) remote controls, you can see in the catalog. The most inexpensive trinkets are plastic, and the most expensive trinkets that cast. You can order charms for every taste, in the directories you can determine the quality and value. Making key chains to order take time, but the standard keychains are in stock. Read the rest of the text . Read the rest of the text...

Based on the above mentioned, key chains can be distinguished into two broad groups - the first, keychains standard shapes and sizes, and second, respectively, making remote controls for individual orders. Naturally, in accordance with this division, key chains are in turn divided into smaller groups, for example, depending on the material itself of which the manufacture and trinkets. Thus, there are pendants made of natural materials - furs, fabrics, wood, leather, metal, stone and other, as well as from synthetic materials - synthetic leather, plastisol, plastic, etc.

Individual attention key chains are functional, that is combined into a single product at the same time a number of useful functions. So the big distribution have recently charms, combined with the following features - the compass, in centimeters, flashlight and bottle opener for beer, flash drives, and many others. For all the sticks, without exception, provided certain way of branding. In cases of custom-made trinkets, is directly in the layout to include the necessary image is either the same slogan. Quite another thing keychains standard because, depending on the material from which made key chains, selected methods for drawing the image. In some of the standard (ready) Give provides a place for a logo, such as a seat for the "nameplate" for example, in the form of bulk sticker or a metal nameplate. In the plastic trinkets, also provides printing paste with the required information.

Key rings, a necessary thing, which can occur in everyday life for everyone. Someone there is only one stick at a bunch of keys, but someone has a bunch of sticks on a ring with a single key. It all depends on the tastes and professional person.

Key chains are also suitable for corporate attributes, for each employee organization pleased to be part of something grand and evolving, so some heads and bought trinkets made of leather, synthetic leather, metal, wood, plastisols, with engraving on the surface, or embossing. These products have their own little trick, because thanks to it, it's easy to advertise the organization or its individual services, and, as you know, advertising is no excess.

Manufacture of trinkets and the time needed for their production directly depends on what kind of material selected customer for this type of remote control and what services it ordered separately. For example, key chains, plastic, wood or plastisol may be in stock, and do not need to wait for their manufacture.

Our organization is located in Kiev and to order the production of trinkets, you need only to have layout or logo keychain, which should have a key chain, or you can choose the standard trinkets on the site under the engraving, or other application.

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