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Triumph Sport - About a company

"Triumph Sports" - successfully developing company, which since 2007 sells sports and corporate attributes, and provides manufacturing services to a large number of clients. We have skilled staffs of technologists, who knows his business, successful managers who know their products and take into account not only the wishes of clients, but also pick the best option for each customer.

Booth (cups)Figurines and pedestalsglass awards

We carry out the production of souvenir products of varying complexity. We make special orders as well as products of mass consumption, which allows our company to make a multi-functional.

The company's goal: quality customer service, and further partnership with them, built on mutual trust and professionalism.

Cups prestigeManager of the company, Anna KovalchukMetal prizes and awards

In our organization, you can order a wide range of promotional souvenirs and merchandise awards: cups, statuettes, medals, trophies, certificates, badges, etc. And also make their own adjustments to the design of standard products, or make custom made, exclusive products.

Organization of "The Triumph of Sport", on the other hand you can ensure high quality execution of orders, timely delivery of products in your city transport company of your choice. Our office is a modern exhibition with a wide range of products. A more complete range can be seen on the site, we can also provide an electronic catalog.

Sincerely, The Triumph of the company SPORT!