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Triumph Sport - sale of reward attribute

We welcome you on the site of company Triumph Sport!!!

We offer our clients a wide range of premium and sports paraphernalia from the best manufacturers. We have products cups, figurines, medals, prizes and souvenirs, photos of which you can view on our website. Here are placed as standard products, which are sold at a fixed price, and exclusive products that we can produce individually, regardless of the complexity and the lottery order. The main activity of our company is the production of custom sports paraphernalia such as badges, key chains, medals, awards, prizes and souvenirs. Refer to our organization for more information and to master the art to be the first! To read farther…

Cups in the Middle Ages solemnly tray winner, and he tasted the wine from this triumphant vessel. Who Cup - is an honorary prize, which is awarded the winner of the competition. Cups are produced mainly in the standard version, according to which they necessarily present a place for labels under the application of the required logo. In individual cases it is possible to order the production of cups. You can buy plastic cups or goblets of metal in various price categories, from economy to cups Cups prestige - VIP class.

The company offers customers a medal for his services in various fields of activity. Wide range of products allows you to choose for any reason the relevant product. We sell medals economy class - it's cheap and standard sports medals, as well as providing the manufacture of medals to order. Medal - a predominantly round metal sign, although the shape of the product, as the material may vary. There are three fragments of the coin: the front side - obverse, reverse - reverse, side - milling.

Here you can buy, including plastic and metal figurines, which are no less relevant as prizes to the winners. Figurines have a seat for the application of the required logo. This category of products has arisen in primitive society, and a surge of interest to them in Europe took place in the Renaissance. Figurine - a small figure, created from wood, bone, clay, stone, etc.

Another service offered by our company is the production of badges with different technologies to order. The most popular metal icons, the sunset and the volume label. Icon - quite a popular medium for advertising and corporate symbols. We have in stock keychains various price categories and manufactures a variety of trinkets to order copies. Here you can buy key chains, metal, plastic, with a sticker and cheap trinkets.

The company also sells custom flags and pennants. Flags, banners, pennants - a traditional attribute of competitions, contests, and other cultural events. In the category of supplies you can pick up a metal or metal thermal transfer technology for graverton, the substrate for diplomas and necessary blanks icon. How does the production of diplomas? Our managers will advise you on the technological process and will help to get the metal diplomas, diplomas graverton, diplomas and certificates on request. Here you can also take advantage of manufacturing volume labels. Volume label - a pad or nameplate, which has an adhesive base and filled the bulk of the lens. Volumetric stickers are very popular not only as a promotional tool, but also great for labeling of various products.

The organization carries out manufacturing awards for various ministries, public and private institutions, namely, badges, trophies, souvenirs, awards for achievements, as well as glass awards, crystal awards, sports awards. The award is a trophy that is awarded for merit, as a reward, it may be plaques, diplomas or honorary prizes. Badge of Honor or badges - this Order, crosses, insignia. These products are a testament to the achievements and provide an effective means to enhance the status, not just for decoration. Prizes are awarded for winning a contest or sporting competitions and include cups, figurines, plaques, award plates, souvenirs.

Originally meant the triumph ceremony of entry into the capital of his native commander with troops who won a brilliant victory over the enemy. Gradually, the triumph of increasing importance and ultimately determines the highest award in chief undeniable victory for troops serving under him. Triumphant relied appropriate honors and many different privileges.

Centuries later evolved a traditional meaning of triumph, but his prestige remained the same. The company "Triumph Sport" tries to live up to its name and offers clients only high quality prizes, trophies, medals and other awards. We take great care to provide our products and services remained at a high level.

Sport is one of the main components of physical culture man. Sport develops not only physical abilities, but also cultivates a sense of purpose, willpower, mental stability. Sport is one of the best and safest methods of promoting health and prolonging life. Millions of people dedicate their lives to the sport in one way or another, for they are worthy of the highest awards.

Our company has successfully cooperated with customers from all over Ukraine. Our products are popular in cities such as Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye, Lvov, Vinnitsa, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk, Rivne, Chernihiv and many others. To order the prizes, trophies, awards, statues, icons and other awarding attributes enough to fill the form on our website or contact the managers of the company in Kiev (044) 503-13-43. You can also contact us by e-mail: e-mail:

With kind regards, collective of company "Triumph Sport".