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Prizes, souvenirs, rewards it is an inalienable attribute of successful organization, excellent gift to the employees and partners. To read farther…

A prize is a souvenir or valuable reward for victory in a competition or contest. Prizes are different kinds. Most exclusive prizes it is metallic prizes, custom. They are named yet as VIP prizes and making of these prizes labor intensive enough process, because they are produced on individual orders and not large drawings. Founding of prize is a stone, a prize is usually made from the colored metal, technologies of making, casting and photogravure, also milling and further treatment and polish. Metallic prizes are covered by galvanic gold or nickel. Additional elements in a prize can be made the method of coinage (stamping).

A reward is the official honored sign, given out for merits, differences, as a token of gratitude for anything. To the rewards attribute: orders, crosses, medals, breastplates, cups and insignia.

Rewards, made on individual orders through different technologies, are casting, coinage (stamping), photogravurt. And also glass awards and crystal rewards.

Name of orders, medals, rewards, breastplates, not combining syntactic with the family name, consist in quotation marks: order "Mother heroine", order "For merits before Homeland", medal "Veteran of labor" et cetera.

A souvenir (remembrance, memory) is an object, intended to remind about something, for example, about the visit of place of pilgrimage of tourists, museum et cetera. Accordingly, souvenirs carry the color of place, in which they were produced and purchased. It can be emblem of city, image of memorable place, object of culture. Souvenirs often are for sale in the specialized shops and tents. There are both extremely off-grade souvenirs, not possessing an artistic value and high-quality standards, articles of art. Some types of "souvenirs" it is forbidden to take out from a country.

Last years, the concept of corporate souvenirs or business of souvenirs, appeared, id est gift wares which are presented to the employees of company from guidance in honor anniversary events or timed to the festive dates. Making of souvenirs from a metal on an order.

Higher in menu items we will describe souvenirs in form crystals with a three-dimensional graphic picture in the volume of glass.

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