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Flags, banners, pennants - custom prompt. Flag - flag of regular geometric generally rectangular in shape, containing any special coloring. The flags are usually raised on the flagpole. Flags are not a big flag or flags in miniature. They are used for demonstrations on the cars, and they can stand on stilts on the table as a souvenir. More...

board boxes Flags. Flags there quite a long time, we know that the tribes still use the skin with different patterns as flags for the differences among the other tribes. The earliest flags in the same form as we know them today from the tissue appeared in China in 1100 BC Flags were at the troops, nobles and royal families. The very first national flag is the flag of Denmark, which appeared in 1219.

There is a science that studies the history of the appearance of flags, their development and variety - veksillologiya. Despite the fact that today meets this kind of flags as flags, but this is not their science studies. This is due to the fact that the boxes appeared not so long ago and do not carry a special historical value, because their appearance is associated with the development of advertising in the world. Flags and flags can be manufactured in different ways, which uses a different technology. It should be noted that the choice of technology depends the final cost of products.

Flags and pennants are sewn to order in a particular tissue or produced from standard pieces of tissue, which is subsequently drawing the figure. Flags and pennants stranPri ordering flags, it is important to consider the place where they are located - indoors or outdoors. So in order to achieve the effect, when the flag will flutter in the wind, it is best to use the material - o Flag the grid because it is easy enough, and is resistant to weather changes. For areas most popular material for flags is satin, gabardine, crepe satin.

Because the flags are usually bought for their further distribution to large numbers of people in different actions, in this case, it is better to give preference to low-cost flags. These are the boxes made of fine satin with applying them to the desired image of dye sublimation printing technology. It is also often bought paper flags.

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Articles about souvenir products