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Sporting cups, reward cups of different sizes, cups metallic and plastic cups in gold and silver. To read farther…

Back in medieval goblets of wine were presented to the winner jousting, and now we see them honorary prizes and graceful.

a nameplate, pads and plates

The most common in our time sports and award trophies to delight the eye layman its wide range of variations and different shapes, sizes and finishes. The most common cups coated with gold and silver - materials that give the appearance of product refinement and nobility.a nameplate, pads and plates

Cups also vary by price range, the customer can buy cheap cups, VIP cups and goblets average price category. Selecting cups, do not forget that items can go in different versions and sizes, which also affects the price.

Buy cups in Kiev will not be difficult, as the great demand for this product generates the growth of its proposal. But not all manufacturers of premium merchandise offer its clients custom-made cups in Kiev.

a nameplate, pads and plates

Production of standard form cups made from different alloys of metal in the manufacture of plastic can be used. Apart from the traditional coating, cups can be further partially painted with colored enamels - red, blue or green.

Variety cups depends on the shape of its components: legs, bowls, pedestal, and the availability of cover other additional decorative elements.

If the customer wishes to purchase large quantities of cups, it can safely count on a good discount, but should take into account the caveat that the sale of cups means itself and the availability of time for the delivery in case of absence of stock from the vendor.

We would like to draw the attention of the customers that need extra cups products that properly complete the image of this fine award - it covers, plaques and shields. These elements are essential carriers of information, which indicates a prize, logos and other necessary data. Signs and labeling may be of various shapes and are attached mainly to the pedestal.

Articles about cups

Articles about cups