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Marks it is an inalienable attribute of successful organization. Wide variety of technologies and categories, allows to choose marks for different application domains. Making of marks on an order any drawings. There are a few basic varieties of marks, which in detail are described in catalogues (menu). To read complete text...

What is the most popular corporate attributes in the promotional field? Of course, it is the icon! Making icons carried out by different methods and different price category from icon to icon. Next, we give a short presentation about the different types of icons, as well as their manufacture.

Manufacture stamped (embossed) icons

Manufacture stamped (embossed) iconsManufacture stamped (embossing) - is the most common production technology icons, badges and medals. It consists of several stages - is to create a designer sketch of the future product development and manufacturing of tooling, stamping on a powerful hydraulic press, with further processing and painting. Manufacture of forged badges mainly involves the use of soft alloys such as brass (gold color gives), nickel silver (silver color) and red brass (bronze color), it is possible to produce badges with a complicated topography and thin outline of the figure. There is punching in the open and closed die. Making icons in the closed die provides the best quality products in which the carefully worked out fine details of the relief. Making the icons stamped on average takes 10 to 20 working days, depending on the complexity of the product.

Manufacture of cast icons

Manufacture of casting technology as is used when necessary to manufacture the icons difficult terrain, or with such detail that no other method can produce. Manufacture of cast badges assumes the form for future products, which was first created on the machine on the layout of the customer. After that, she is being finalized by hand to get the desired look and improved detail. Making icons made by molding. An alloy of copper, brass or bronze is poured into special forms, then the product is recovered and sent for further processing and coating. Cast icons mean accuracy in detail, to obtain a complex shape products even smaller size, as well as the ability to embody the most incredible relief. Manufacture of cast icons will take about 30 days.

Manufacture of cast iconsThere is also the production of badges express method. If time is not a lot or a limited budget, we recommend ordering icons that are produced quickly and inexpensively. These include the sunset icons, which are described below. Sunset Icons Making znachkovIzgotovlenie twilight icons classified express icons. Making icons such plan has its stages. Design an icon printed with offset printing. When printing is completed, the figure is carved stamp, then make a sheet metal framework for the setting icon, which, the special stamp, roll up our image. And under the other half of the icon lies a needle and pressed the basis of an icon. Making icons with this method takes only 1-day and above, depending on quantity. Making icons with epoxy resin (type) icons with optical epoxy (lens) or icons may flood of different forms. Production of paddy icons are as follows: Print images by printing on a special "oracal" followed by cutting on a plotter. Next, cut on a plotter "oracal" is filled with epoxy resin. When the resin hardens (polymerizes) is obtained by the so-called label, which is removed from the foundation "oracal" attached to the substrate and an icon. Products under a lens, are more resistant to various injuries, and have a volume bright appearance. Making icons flood lasts about 3-10 days.

Metal badges - chemical engraving (etching)

Metal icon, which bought mainly for corporate purposes. The icon has two levels, colored enamels deepening, and the protruding part (metal) covered with electroplated gold, nickel or silver. Manufacture of metal badges (etching) takes 5 working days, depending on the circulation of products.

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