Purveyances for marks


Preparation for the iconPurveyance for a mark, presence on storage in Kyiv, delivery on Ukraine, CIS and Europe. Purveyances for the marks Øof 25mm, 36mm, 43mm, 56mm. The purveyances of marks are especially popular during elections. In the complete set of purveyance of mark the overhead is included and lower tin parts, pin and protective tape. Having purveyances for a mark in a necessary amount, you always can operatively make the order of marks.

Drawing Height, mm Diameter, a mm Price, uan
10000 25
10000 36
10000 43
10000 56
Purveyance of mark - in a complete set the overhead is included and bottom tin mark, protective tape and euro are a pin.

Having a piece for the icon in the right quantity, you can always quickly make printing badges.

A bit of blank icon

Preparation for the iconBlanks for the icons are good because they help to make the product in operational terms. There are dozens of pieces for the icons, so the customer has a great opportunity to choose the shape and the design that will suit him. Especially popular stock icons in the election.

They can be divided into three types:

Blanks for the icon (the icon substrate)

Manufacture of cast iconsIcon substrate with a pin badge with the substrate mounted on the butterfly considers the first type - a blank icon with no skirting. These icons without skirting designed for screen printing, pad printing, laser engraving, or for the volume label. The surface of this piece is flat and smooth. Usually they are made in two colors - are covered with nickel plated, or not covered. But most of the icon used for the procurement of all, the same nickel plated because unlike coated badges that is not covered can oxidize and fade, but it's basically the reverse of the badge, which is not visible. Billets of metal started to the entire surface of the finished icon was covered with a sticker or sealed completely. Icon substrate has a color piece - that is, the original metal color or the color of nickel (silver). On these substrates the icon should not be applied laser etching or leave bumpers. The surface of the work piece for icons to be closed completely. Because they are only as a basis, the carrier for the label. Sticker - printing, coated with epoxy resin. It will give a handsome volume icon. Harvesting of the icon has a mount butterfly "butterfly" on the reverse side. The most commonly used round, square, rectangular or oval blank icon. You can do so through the application of the work piece metal was visible. We can consider the other blanks for badges that are specifically designed for the label.

Blanks for badges with borders

Preparation for the iconBlanks for these icons provide a substrate metal skirting in the icon. This metal skirting skirts the figure, which is applied or pasted in the center piece for the icons. This icon looks good with an optical lens over the icon. Blanks for producing badges with borders with gold or silver finish, they have a mount in the form of hairpins, "Butterfly."