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Figurines plasticStatuettes are metallic in a wide assortmentStatuettes-holders

Some facts about figurines

Figurines plasticFigurines, In translation from Latin – the small statue, is not so greater, as a rule, in height no more than 80 s-m, sculptural figures that represent a human image, animals and other subject matters. Figurines   concern to small architectural forms.

There were figurines for times immemorial, in a primitive society, it is connected with beliefs of our ancestors, the gods they personified in figurines. Such figurines were made of a tree, as well as from clay. Soon, figurines and their manufacture became the whole art, and there were their judges, thus, figurines began to make also for sale.

One step at a time, with progress of crafts and instruments of work, development of new materials of a figurine send on a new level. Figurines from metal, as well as from such noble material as porcelain have been developed. The last, used as a decor, they decorated absolutely all rooms. With the advent of Olympic Games there were also the first sports figurines, their popularity is kept down to our days. Figurines can be divided on what serve an ornament for rooms, and those sports, that are used for rewarding participants and winners in every possible competition.

Figurines – a wonderful element of a decor

Metal figurinesThe greatest dawn have got figurines decorative in Italy in Renaissance, basically them made from porcelain and it is very scrupulous, the special attention was allocated to fine details. Similar figurines were a sign of good taste, a prosperity, and high position in a society, they decorated practically all corners in the house. As a whole, porcelain figurines in those days were luxury goods.

At times figurines were created as compositions with which decorated lunch tables. Such compositions could be present hundreds separate figurines, each of which was the complete work, and quite could be used independently.

The most known composition is « the Simian orchestra » which is appreciated among admirers already more than 300 years, it consists of 21 figurines. Today figurines metal is not less popular, as a rule, they settle down at offices and in cabinets, as a symbol of success. Often there are figurines of antique gods, each of which is responsible for the certain activity.

So with confidence it is possible to tell, that at each lawyer on a table is figurines Themis and at workers of medicine – a bowl with the snake. With general hobby of the Chinese doctrine Fan Shum, on desktops at many offices the figurines Fan Shuj bearing in every possible symbolic began to appear, they betray to the owners force, success in career and in many other things undertakings. These figurines in the form of animals – dragons, lions, elephants, turtles and others are presented.

Meet аward figurines. Nowadays, being a lot of different competitions, contests, promotions, like sports areas, and others. And in those, and in other cases the winners, as well as the participants, the already long-established tradition, must give gifts, and in these cases as not, incidentally, accounts for Award statuettes.

Sports figurines - are the various figures of athletes who represent a sport. Typically, sports figurines are depicted as an athlete in motion, or with obvious attribute of a particular sport. In turn, sports figurines are divided categories, respectively sport. In your example, the favorite sport of many - football, statuettes of the sport is statues goalkeeper, striker, defender, etc. The same goes for many other statuettes. Sometimes the statues in addition to categorization according to the sport have a division into male and female.

Individual attention, figurines, designed to reward for his achievements in other spheres of our life. Thus, very often figurines on a music subjects, and sometimes they show some professions. Figurines, which are used for awarding safely, be divided into two classes - plastic and metal. Both statues in his own good are made of quality materials and designed for different material possibilities buyers.

Figurines, which are known to all

Manufacture of Metal figurinesIn various areas of human activity began to use the statuettes. Figurines equally known as a premium symbolism for his achievements in sports, and likewise, for his achievements in social and cultural spheres. A large number of spectators gather annual awards for achievements in music and movies, and are broadcast around the world. Absolutely all wondering who's got statues at this time which movie is called cash, and a singer and the singer were the best performers.

Tell me please, who today do not know, or at least once not heard about such as the Oscar statuette - the most prestigious awards in the field of cinema. There were these statues in 1929, and its appearance has hardly changed. It is only the view of the coil with the film, on which stands an Oscar, originally it consisted of five pieces, which carried symbolic meaning, each piece - a symbol of the most important professions in the film - actors, directors, producers, Film and scriptwriters.  Today the Oscar statuette on the reel with the film already contain 14 pieces, because it is now making a film, which enjoy a large circle of spectators, it is necessary to use a lot specialists. Oscar statuette, though not large, however, weighs each within a 4-kg.  It is equally well known Grammy statuettes that are presented for achievements in the field of musical activity. They are awarded to performers of songs since 1957, first in 26 categories, and now already within 100. These statues represent a small phonograph, covered with gold leaf on the stand. Nominations are absolutely consistent with all musical directions, from classical to rock.

Figurines GM CCTV Video Music Ewords - a reward for his achievements in the field of video production. However, these statues can get performers of contemporary trends in music, such as pop, err-and-bi and hip-hop. Figurines called "Lunar man", because they have the look of a man in a spacesuit, they have already handed over since 1984.
The text is written, R.A.

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