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Production of badges

Famous accessory was long, long before the formation of modern society. References to them are found in sources dating from different eras. Functional feature of these attributes is breast marking supplies subject to any group, and held in conjunction with their significant events. 

There is a special science that deals with the study of the history of the origin, meaning and symbolism of the icons of other features, and it is called faleristics. The same name is and collectibles industry these awards. If this is the original, rare and ancient icons - the price of the product can be sky-high. Such instances can be found not only in private collections and in museums, as they have great historical and cultural value and significance as works of art. 

Even in ancient times, were put into use special decals, which can be determined human occupation, especially for artisans. With the development of society the range of applications has grown significantly, but, nevertheless, are still members of many successful corporations are badges with the logo of the company where I work. The same applies to athletes in the arsenal are many different icons that were passed from the stage of their sports career. 

Today manufacturing icons has reached significant proportions and is not only the state but also by private individuals and businesses. 

Although species diversity is impressive in its scope, but if you can not choose a product that will meet all the needs of the client, in which case you should use the unique service manufacturing metal badges and icons of other materials provided by our company. 

As for the production of accessories, we use new technology and equipment, which create a quality product of various shapes, sizes, colors and price range. Methods of production vary depending on the materials used. In his production, we use technologies such as casting, stamping, chemical etching and other modern techniques. Each product undergoes manual rework, which is carried out by experienced professionals and allows you to fix any error production to give the product a perfect appearance. As a decorative cover icons used galvanic nickel and gold, and for the painting - color enamels and lacquers quality. 

It is important to bear in mind that the chosen technology depends not only the price of products, but also the time of their manufacture. Thus, the most expensive, difficult and time in the production of a casting. Casting allows you to create icons of any complexity and shapes that are considered to be products of VIP class. Therefore, in order to advance to the manufacture of products to address this issue so that our specialists have time to prepare your order to meet the deadline. 

Especially popular among the customers use metal icons due to their exclusivity and presentable, and icons with lens and printing icons embody the perfect blend of simplicity, convenience and price. 

Sale icons today is increasing due to the growing demand for such products. Therefore, buy icons in a city like Kiev is not absolutely no problem. Wide range can satisfy the avid collectors and those who want to buy sports icons or order the production of badges, key chains and other souvenirs with the corporate logo.