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Metal icon Flag of Great BritainIcons invented long ago and commonly used experiencing fluctuations in popularity, but never vanish from the scene. Replace them with something else is not easy, because they are the most diverse semantic meaning - indicate membership of a group of people to an event, place, talk about the merits and achievements point to a hidden meaning understood by few, but recognizable.

The variety of icons is huge, as to issue large or tiny circulations and wearing badges did not require any permits and documents. Badges made of metal - is probably the most ancient form of icons, known since the time of ancient Greece, where they were kind of badge of honor. Later, there were posters and badges with the coats of arms of cities, countries, dynasties. These icons are now much sought after by collectors and connoisseurs.

Gatherer icons, by the way, is called faleristov. So, any faleristov confirm that in heraldry emit seven colors which express seven different qualities. These colors - gold, silver, black, purple, azure, green and scarlet. Gold symbolizes wealth and generosity, silver - innocence and purity, azure - the greatness and goodness, green - hope, abundance and joy, purple - the dignity and power, black color - prudence and humility, and the color red - courage and sincerity. This symbolism can be used, if you are thinking to make custom icons.

Since then, people started to live in a society and a division into classes, and there was a need to stand out from the mass of their kind. Icon - the simplest and easiest way to point to belong to a group - social, professional, religious, or any other. Then particular importance was the material from which the icon is made. Of course, the gold badge could only belong to a very worthy citizen. Today, too, there are badges of precious metals, made-to-order, they can become a noble and refined decoration. Similar icons, for which the price is much higher than the price of conventional icons, emphasize the importance of their owner.

It must be admitted that the icon - a thing, a lot of talking about his master. For example, if a person's chest flaunt sports icons, it can be concluded about the achievements of the people in this area. Previously, it was common to see the icon "Master of Sports" and the icon talking about belonging to a sports club. Do climbers and tourists had their badges. The collections can often see icons showing classes hockey, soccer, weightlifting, or figure skating, and similar distinctions. This attribute - a kind of symbol of the country's history, which concentrates the annals of sports victories and achievements.

Modern sports paraphernalia, as a rule, logos sports clubs. Sale icons such clubs is for the fans, who are eager to buy these gifts during the competition, games, contests, etc. Many companies produce custom-made icons for sporting events.

Icon metal YuEyIcon metal with the development of an informal culture icons have a new popularity, now it is easy to order a small batch of original icons made by individual design for a group united by a common idea. This may be a spontaneously arising union beer drinkers of any district and club cats, and a group of people vacationing at the same time at one resort. Youth informal association bought badges with the words of songs or group with the slogan, badge with funny phrases and pictures. There are times when one informal group expresses his attitude is not always the best thing to another group with a specially made icons.

Commemorative badges reminiscent of the historical events in the country, in the city, in the organization or in the family. It is usually metal badges, developed and manufactured in honor of anniversaries and jubilees. They are constructed from high quality materials, strictly observing technology. Best icons appear bulky, multi-parts and raised. Modern technology allows to combine different metals and enamel commemorative badge to become a true work of art, and long recalls the importance of the event.

Never lose popularity icons with the image of cities and historical places where we have been. Many people love to visit the souvenir shops specifically to buy a souvenir badges themselves and for gift to your friends. These icons are very different - expensive and cheap, made in many different ways, with different types of fixtures to meet any demands of customers. Pleasantly many years considered an icon, brought from a trip and remember the impressions of the trip. In Kiev Andreevskom where a lot of visitors to the city in great demand icons "Kiev", depicting monuments, cities or logos are strongly associated with the capital of Ukraine.

Icons are widely used for events, promotions and collections. In this case, the icons perform the role of a promotional product, highlighting the company's image and style, making it easily recognizable logo. Often it is the icon-lens, bright and inexpensive that can be produced in large quantities.

Icon metal dropCorporate badges - a special kind of icons at the same time serving advertisements to help people working in the same company, to feel their community. These icons are multi-choice - it all depends on the ideas of the customer who needs to develop a good sketch and create an interesting logo. Mounts in these icons can be very different - pins, screws, butterfly. Studies have shown that customers are much better at remembering a company whose employees are corporate badges, and as a result, more likely to seek the services it there. Visual impressions are stored for a long time, so the firm managers should take advantage of this easy and trouble-free working idea of ​​promoting their business. Save in this case just not worth it. Quality and solid icons will make an impression and financial investments will pay off. A good idea to make a souvenir badges with the image of a company logo for use as a souvenir to potential customers. These icons are made to order can not be expensive, in any case, they will play well as an advertisement.

I would like to tell you about another form of icons - icons student or youth. Now these icons, but the name of the institution and the faculty fashionable to write your own name and post photos. Very popular and icons with jokes - funny pictures or sayings. "Hammer and Sickle - mow and slaughter," "Give, and it will drop," "do not snore at the lecture - wake up the neighbor" - some examples of jokes. The youth loves badges fun, because wearing them, you can show off a sense of humor and stand out in a group of their own kind. All aphorisms that can be beat, everything that brings a smile, sold out very quickly. These icons have become collector's items for people who want to express themselves.

We can say that in this world for everyone can find a suitable icon, because they are so different. Icons are made in many different ways - from jewelry to homemade and factory.

Sunset icons (printing) - are used for image printed on a printer, glued to the base of the icon and flooded a special resin. The resulting shields (they call these icons) are different expressiveness and volumetric images. These icons are attractive and inexpensive, and so are always in demand.

Icon metal ZeusIcon metal - in this category are many subspecies. The method of etching, where the metal is cut out on the image above is applied to electroplating, and, if necessary - the enamel. This, as a rule, "adult" icons for serious people. In the method of forming an image on the coin icons. Stamping allows you to get relief. Making the stamp does not come cheap, so these icons typically produce large quantities. When casting metal is poured into the wax mold. The method allows you to earn badges through holes and fine detail. The icons come out elegant, but quite expensive.

Sunset icons - the most popular, both because they are inexpensive and, secondly, the production of them fast enough. These icons are used very extensively during promotions, events, conferences and elections. The price of these products is highly dependent on the circulation, but even for special orders such icons are inexpensive. Kiev and other big cities of Ukraine - the main consumers of these icons, as there is continuous public events are held.

The icons can be worn all and always, you only need to choose the right and, believe me, it will look appropriate and even stylish. You can attach an icon to a t-shirt, jacket, cap, bag (case in mind). The main thing is that the icon in harmony with the image and emphasized the individuality. For example, a small classic icons we often see celebrities on his lapel. Top politicians, artists, athletes, using icon to express their views, feelings and commitment. Why do not you use this simple tool to express their feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Perhaps as a result, you meet someone smile or will take you seriously.

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